Hi. I'm Stuart Carter and I help passionate business owners to clear the fog, focus on what's really important and take themselves and their business to the next level.

If you'd like to find out more about how I might be able to help you get where you want to be, please book a free one-to-one session now.

We'll chat for about 30 minutes in person or over Skype; I'll get to know about your business and you'll get to see how I show up. No obligation, no expectations... let's see what happens...

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I work with proactive, passionate business owners and help them to get themselves and their business to the next level. I help them to see through the fog and sort the spaghetti of options in their head, and ultimately focus on what really matters.

If you think you and your business would benefit from a boost of clarity, inspiration, motivation and effectiveness and would like to apply to work with me, please click here to arrange your free strategy session.

We'll spend 30 minutes in person or on Skype to put together a bespoke plan for your business, and if I'm sure I can help you I'll offer you the chance to become a 1-2-1 client.

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Some Happy Clients

"Thank-you so much for your time today. I think you've helped me find what it was that's been bugging me under the surface for quite some time.

That's seriously awesome!"

— Marc Wileman, Sublime Science

"Since my first meeting with you several months ago, I haven't had a single 'I can't do this' 'I need a proper' job moment. For that I'm super grateful."

— Natalie O'Dowd, Yummy Little Cakes

"Stuart has made me realise the true value I bring to my clients, and my new confidence has led to more income, based on my company values and standards rather than having to work harder."

— Dave Clemence, Astute Electrics

“Stuart has been fantastic in helping me to move SJ Events forward.  He really knows his stuff and thanks to him we have landed some exciting new accounts so the sky is no longer the limit!!”

— Sam Spillane, SJ Event Consultancy

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