Living a simple, intentional life can sometimes seem hard.

I’m here to show you it doesn’t have to be.

I believe that every single person on this planet deserves abundant health, wealth, happiness and freedom, and shouldn’t have to struggle to achieve it.

Please learn more via my Daily Journal or YouTube channel. And when you’re ready to work with me, I’d be honoured to serve you in any way I can.

The Daily Journal

Each morning, I share my insights into Simplicity, Clarity and Freedom in my Daily Journal. You are invited to browse the journals. Or subscribe to have the latest journal delivered to your inbox around noon each day.


If you prefer video to reading, then my YouTube channel is probably for you. I share a video at least weekly with a mixture of learnings and ‘vlog’ style updates.

Work With Me

If you’re genuinely interested in how you might introduce Simplicity, Clarity and Freedom into your life—perhaps if you’ve committed to having a minimal, intentional life but are struggling to get everything in place—I would love to work with you. Click here to learn more.