Is life too complicated? Not sure where you’re going? Feeling suffocated?

Live a life of simplicity, clarity and freedom without giving up anything you love.

Hi, I’m Stuart Carter, and like you I found life to be really confusing and complicated.

The world just didn’t make sense… I knew that high standards were important, that things should be done properly, but nothing and no-one (including myself) ever came up to the standards I was setting.

It almost felt as if the world was out to get me sometimes. I was muddling through, fighting off the unnecessary drama that came from colleagues, family and other relationships.

Even when I had time off, it wasn’t filled with joy… I felt I needed time off first so I could then enjoy some proper time off. I was in an endless cycle of exhaustion and brief semi-recovery.

Things were desperate. I moved town, changed job and even split up with my wife, but still nothing really changed.

And then one day, hit by a sudden bolt of understanding, I discovered a secret.

It wasn’t “out there” that was the problem. It was “in here”.

Since that moment, in 2004, I’ve been on an adventure to understand myself and the world better, and what I’ve found has been transformative.

So much so that I’m now sharing it with others—people like you—so you can experience the peace, joy and freedom that I’ve found.

Please learn more via my Daily Journal or YouTube channel. And when you’re ready to work with me, I’d be honoured to serve you in any way I can.

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