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Do you remember when life was simpler? When the world was less complicated? When we didn’t have the same kind of demands and responsibilities on our time and energy?

There’s an epidemic right now of ‘busy-ness’. We’re all caught up in a complicated mess of duty, obligation, commitments and activity. Our minds are overloaded and our spirit has no room to breathe.

I’ve been actively working on my own path for around eleven years now. I’ve made mistakes and I’m learning every day. But I’ve also learnt some profound truths (mostly unexpected or counter-intuitive) that gives me space to breathe, gives me freedom of time and movement, and gives me a deep sense of fulfilment and direction.

And I work with clients one-to-one to help them do the same.

I’m not going to tell you what freedom means – that’s for you to decide. But I will help you to simplify your decisions, to make better, quicker and more confident choices; to get clear on what’s really important to you; and to feel that sense of freedom in your life, to escape the endless treadmill of activity, achievement and ‘success’ being just out of reach.

My clients generally have drive and ambition, they know in their heart that there’s something more available to them but their loved ones don’t necessarily ‘get’ it. I help them to understand what and where ‘it’ is, and tap into their genius so work becomes effortless, life becomes simpler and they glow with a light and playfulness they maybe haven’t experienced since childhood.

If you’d like a chat about how I might be able to help you, please get in touch:

Phone 01509 833 058 or email stuart@stuartcarter.co.uk

Clients frequently work with me in order to:

• Help them manage their time and priorities

• Get clear on their direction and purpose

• Make a change in their life

• Identify and communicate their boundaries

• Become free of mental clutter

After a course of coaching sessions, clients often experience:

• More confidence and trust in their own decisions

• Better relationships with others

• A greater feeling of success and fulfilment

• Mastery of their time and commitments

• A sense of freedom – room to breathe!