I help busy entrepreneurs
and business owners to gain
simplicity, clarity and balance
in their business and personal life.

And that helps them to experience:

  • More confidence, joy and happiness
  • Less guilt, frustration and doubt
  • Better, and quicker decision making
  • A greater sense of purpose and contribution

Hi, I'm Stuart Carter and I work with my clients to help them become the best version of themselves – not only in looking after the family they love, and their clients and career, but bringing joy and happiness into their life by looking after themselves and their 'inner game'.

I help my clients to let go of the guilt that so many people feel when they take time for themselves (time that's vital if they're going to maintain their high performance).

I help them to discover and tap into their natural genius so they can earn more with less effort, stress and hassle.

And I help them to build a framework and structure in their life that serves all of their needs without compromising on what's important to them,

If you're a busy entrepreneur or business owner, and would like more joy, more peace and more 'space to breathe' in your life, let's talk...

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Stuart has been a tower of support to me and SJ Events in developing the business over the last few years. I have learnt many lessons from him, both in life and in business - and his calm manner and gentle but persistent approach has proved just the tonic for a lively, energetic (and at times slightly bionic) female events team! He is measured, non-judgemental, offers sound advice and he does what he says he is going to do - who could ask for more?!

Sam Spillane
Sam Spillane SJ Event Consultancy

Stuart helps me gain clarity and focus over the direction I’d like my businesses to go in. He lets me ramble on and get all my ideas out, then asks specific questions to enable me to gain a better understanding of exactly what I want and how I may go about bringing it to fruition.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Stuart. If you are committed to making the effort and doing the work, Stuart will support you 100%.

Jo Peirson
Jo Peirson Intuitive Health & Wellness Warrior

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