Stuart Carter

Author, Speaker and
Small Business Consultant

Stuart Carter is an expert in implementing the law of 80/20 in small business. In 2013-14 he doubled his revenue and halved his working hours in his photography business.

He now spends his time sharing the magic of 80/20 with small business owners to help them work less, achieve more and claim their life back.

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80/20 Consultancy

80/20 Books

Stuart works with small businesses from £80k to £5M revenue, helping them to achieve more with less effort.

He works with the business owner, one-to-one, to identify their goals for their business and their life, then helps them to plot a course to get there quicker, easier and with less stress than they would otherwise achieve.

If you think your business would benefit from an efficiency boost and would like to apply to work with Stuart, please contact Alice Burrows [email] or leave a message on 01509 833 058. We'll send your application pack to book a free of charge, no-obligation session to see if there's a meeting of the minds.

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Marc Wileman

Thank-you so much for your time today. I think you've helped me find what it was that's been bugging me under the surface for quite some time.

That's seriously awesome!

Marc Wileman, Sublime Science
Sam Spillane

Stuart has been fantastic in helping me to move SJ Events forward.

He really knows his stuff and thanks to him we have landed some exciting new accounts so the sky is no longer the limit!!

Sam Spillane, SJ Events
Jo Peirson

I was totally jazzed after my session, with renewed energy and confidence in my business, and I'm ready to use my dreams and passion to overcome any fears or challenges I may encounter.

Thank-you Stuart!

Jo Peirson, Peirson Business Services