About Me

About Me

It’s not really about me, it’s about you, but I guess you might be curious… so here goes…

After ‘accidentally’ starting a photography business in 2009, I took my business growth seriously in 2013. I the year 2013-14 I doubled my revenue and halved my working hours and with my free time I began coaching and mentoring other small business owners on what I’d done. Over time I realised that all my best clients—the ones that I could help most, and most enjoyed working with—were all driven, focused women. I also realised that coaching was much more fun than taking photographs… the significance and impact of my coaching work is so much more valuable than helping people to sell an extra widget or two.


I’m often asked what qualifies me to do the work I do, and I have to admit I have no formal training in coaching. So if letters after names are important to you, you’ll almost certainly want to find another coach.

However, what I do have is an extremely keen sense of observation and communication; and also a strong track record of helping high performance women to get some outstanding results in their business and their life (for example, helping a client to earn an extra £2M just by having the courage to let her inner genius shine on her LinkedIn profile).


My top values are all about honesty, respect, freedom and passion. If I can get excited about a project I will do everything in my power to help it move forward. I don’t judge and don’t push my values or goals on others. It’s your life and you’re entitled to live it in any way you choose.

Simplicity is also key to me. There is no point making things complicated when a simple solution will suffice. I have actually had one client call me their “simplificator”; I have a knack of taking complex situations and finding the important small actions that will have the most impact.

Backing up these values is a strong sense of playfulness and adventure. I will often do things just because they’re there (I have passed my level N4 Japanese exam, climbed Mount Fuji, passed grade 2 unicycling and been ice swimming in Finland).

Not a Guru

There are many people out there in the business world who will offer the ‘magic pill’ or ‘five steps to a guaranteed six figure income in 90 days’. These plans work for a few, but for the vast majority they find themselves exactly where they started, but a little lighter in the bank account.

I don’t profess to be a guru, and I don’t profess to have the answers. What I do offer is to walk alongside anyone who is on a path of self-improvement. As one of my clients said in a recent testimonial:

“If you are committed to making the effort and doing the work, Stuart will support you 100%”
— Jo Peirson, Intuitive Health & Wellness Warrior

The Golden Rule

There’s one Golden Rule that I truly live by. Whenever I’ve failed to honour this rule, bad stuff has happened – it’s taken me away from my best self and I’ve really felt that something was amiss in my world.

So I make sure that I hit this one as close to 100% of the time as I possibly can. And my golden rule is:

Integrity – or in plain English – Do What You Say You’re Going To Do

And don’t get me wrong. When you do what you say you’re going to do it can be lonely.

When you stick to this rule, you suddenly realise that around 95% of the world doesn’t stick to it. But when you do, and you connect with other “5%ers” who also stick to the rule, good things can’t help but happen to you.


I hope this has given you somewhat of an introduction (10 points and a gold star for you if you got this far!). If you’re looking to ‘climb the mountain of success and happiness’, whatever shape that is for youand you think it might be helpful to have me walking alongside, I’d love to have a chat with you.

No obligation. No promises. Let’s connect and see what happens.

If we’re a match, we’ll know it, and we can make some truly awesome stuff happen…

Get in touch.