Only One

Whenever I have a prioritisation task, my go-to tool is It’s really simple (as you know, I like simple) Type in your list. Press go. Pick which you would have/do/be if you could only have one. And after a few head-to-head battles between your items, out pops a prioritised list for you to get started…

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I Know

The other day I spent a very enjoyable five hours teaching archery to members of the public. There were those who said “I know, I’ve done it before.” And there were those who said “I’m not sure, show me.” The latter, unsurprisingly, performed significantly better. Let’s remember to say “I know” less often, and “show…

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We’re doing work that matters. If it didn’t matter, we wouldn’t be doing it. So let’s not get caught up in the drama. Let’s not get distracted by hype. Let’s not allow the fear of the masses and the media to derail us. Let’s spend all of that energy, instead, by continuing with our important…

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Ikigai is the Japanese concept of our “purpose in life”. Here’s how to find it…

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So after yesterday’s post, I was asked: What’s the other 5%? I think we should be told. And the answer is: Everything else. Action, perspiration, luck, consistency, tenacity, skill, talent, connections, values, practice, positivity, breathing…  

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Woody Allen said* “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” The bit he missed is that the next fifteen percent of success is paying attention. (*may have said – opinions vary)

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80/20 Case Study: Wriggly Readers with Hannah Angrave • The 80/20 Podcast • E010


In this tenth episode of The 80/20 Podcast we’re talking about how Hannah Angrave used the 80/20 principle to get huge leverage in her relatively young business. And there are a few tips on winning Theo Paphitis’ #SBS too! Links: Theo Paphitis #SBS – Wriggly Readers –

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What if mindset wasn’t all that was needed?

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Authenticity Revisited

Authenticity isn’t as easy as you might think. Who are you really…?

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