Feel Your Way Home

In life, we must feel our way. Sometimes we go the ‘right’ way, sometimes we find ourselves down a dead end.

Sometimes we think we found the ‘right’ way, and it turns out to be an elaborate labyrinth.

But sometimes we come home… we realise that we’re in the right place.

And I realised recently that since adopting my own mindfulness practice 14 years ago I have always taught mindfulness… whether by example, or helping people to feel comfortable in front of the camera in my photography business, to sneaking it in the back door while helping businesses to make over £2m per hour (ok, that was a one-off, and only for 30 minutes).

And that’s how I feel about Simply Mindfulness, my most recent offering. I’ve come home.

This is my unnecessarily complicated way of saying that my daily journal will change from tomorrow… all the same content, but from a new address (stuart@simplymindfulness.com) and with new branding. So don’t be surprised when it looks a bit different!

And it’s also a question to you… do you feel like you’re away from home? Keep looking… it could be closer than you think (like, in my case, right under your nose!)