Who Do You Trust?

We are trained, throughout our upbringing, to trust external authority… we seek the approval of others to tell us we’re good enough… we take exams, we get qualified, we become mature and sensible and grown-up.

And one day we realise that none of those people we looked to for authority knew what they were doing either. They were merely echoing what they were conditioned into.

The cracks begin to show. And suddenly we are free.

Free, but floundering.

If we can’t trust external authority, who can we trust?

And this is where the work begins. We realise that deep within us, suppressed by years of conditioning, is the true expert on our own lives.

We realise that we actually have everything we need to live our full potential.

The hard part is peeling back layer upon layer of thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, habits – peeling back who we thought we were, to find who we truly are.

But once you’ve had just one tiny glimpse of that true self through a crack in the layers, you’ll jump in and do whatever it takes.

And you’ll begin to trust your own judgement, your own inner guidance, and finally stop apologising for who you are.

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