Be Your Own Best Friend

You may have noticed a little inconsistency in my ‘daily’ journal lately. I’ve probably missed three days in the last few weeks.

That’s terrible, don’t you think? I’ve promised to send you something every day and I’ve failed in that promise.

Yes, in a way that’s true.

But it’s also not helpful to dwell on it.

I have a choice now… I can beat myself up, tell myself I’m not good enough, or I can recognise that I’m human, be my own best friend and get over it! Which is what I’ve done.

And could try to do better. Which is what I’ll do.

But at no point do I attach my self-worth to my ability to produce a journal every day.

Let’s always be mindful of what we’re attaching self-worth to that, if we were our own best friend, we would realise had nothing to do with it.

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I’ve spoken about levels of consciousness before, but I found it beautifully simplified the other day.

The lowest levels consider that life happens “to me”. It’s the victim mentality of shame and guilt.

As we raise our consciousness, we realise that life happens “by me”. These are the levels of the ego… fear, desire, anger, pride.

Then as we raise even higher and get in tune with universal consciousness, we start to tune into life happening “through me”. We have willingness and acceptance and reason.

And finally, as we get within reach of enlightenment, we understand that life happens “as me”. From a place of love, peace and joy; when we finally relax into our true self and nothing needs to be forced any more.

I began my journey out of the lowest level around 14 years ago. And only over the last 18 months or so have I begun to reach the upper levels.

But what a transformation.

And it was this transformation that has finally allowed me to put together a programme to help people who want to follow in my path, escape their conditioning, settle in to their true selves and begin to live their life on their own terms.

knew that a programme would be valuable… but while life was happening “to me” and the programme could only be created “by me” it was a massive struggle. Resistance at every turn.

But now, in all its glory, I present the Best Part of Your Life 12-Week Transformation.

It’s all about gaining time, awareness, direction, confidence, happiness and freedom. All without sacrificing what really matters to you.

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There are those who will ridicule your choice of path.

And there are those who will “get” who you are and where you’re coming from.

Will you adjust your behaviour and lose your true self in order to avoid the ridicule? Or dig deep and boldly press forward with what you know to be right for you?

(And will you support others on their path, whatever that may be?)

Just Breathe

Sometimes on life’s journey we get in a pickle, we get fearful, we start to make decisions that don’t serve us.

And my Yoga teacher—who will soon be writing a guest article for and doing an interview with me on my YouTube channel—said something yesterday that really rang true…

Yoga teaches you to breathe through discomfort. And that will help you with all sorts of things in your life.

She’s right. Sometimes, when things get tricky, when we don’t know where to turn, we can just breathe.

If we need to we can count our breaths. Anything to take us out of our mind (which is where anxiety originates) and into our body.

When we breathe, we realise we have everything we need right here, right now.

90% of Everything Fails

I’m not trying to be a downer. Just realistic.

When we’re making changes in our life, and trying new things, we’ll find that most of it won’t work.

But that’s no reason not to do it.

Because if you cut your losses when you realise it’s failing, and roll the dice enough, then you’ll find those wins that you’re seeking.

Keep trying, keep testing, keep admitting that you may be wrong, and you will get where you want to be.

“I’ve Never Done That”

The day I realised that there are two types of people was the day a friend asked what he could do on his trip to North-West Scotland.

“I think they’re big on sea-fishing there?”, I suggested.
“Oh”, he said, “no I don’t think I’d like that… I’ve never done it before.”


If you throw an “I’ve never done that” situation in front of me, I’m usually first in the queue. That’s why I’ve been to the highest point of every county in England, why I’ve written three books, why I’ve entered an archery tournament and not come last, and why I’m an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

You see, it’s all part of the adventure.

It isn’t really about the achievements, but who you have to become to attain them. The opening of the mind, the discipline to study, the flexibility to try new things.

And through that journey I have come to understand more and more about myself and the world.

The alternative—sitting back, resisting adventure and living an unfulfilled life devoid of growth—is my idea of hell.

I recognise the fears… I have them myself sometimes. This week I’ve signed up for a Kundalini Yoga class, and having learnt more about it I’m pretty apprehensive to say the least.

But that’s not going to stop me.

And if you’re aching for more from life but allowing those fears to stop you, I’d ask “what’s the worst that can happen?” And is it worth the risk to begin opening yourself and your heart to the world of opportunity and adventure? To begin to #LiveLikeYouMeanIt?

You don’t even have to throw yourself out of a plane, or walk over hot coals. What’s your small thing you haven’t done before that secretly you’d like to try? Why not research and book it today. Now, in fact.

And do let us know in the comments what you’ve chosen to do…

Playing a Role

The gurus will say to you “fake it ’til you make it”.

They suggest that you should visualise what you want from life, then act as if you’re the kind of person who has those things.

But when we do that, there’s a very real danger that we’ll exhaust ourselves. It takes a lot of energy to play a role that doesn’t match our true self.

What I’ve learnt to do is to really figure out who you are and then no ‘playing’ is required.

I spent years and years playing the ‘regular guy’, trying to fit in, trying to be one of the crowd. And I didn’t realise that it just wasn’t me.

I’m not a rebel by any means, but I am an explorer, and that means I do my own thing. My worst nightmare is a package holiday where every moment is planned for me. I’d rather take off in the countryside of Japan with only a camper van and my rudimentary skill in Japanese language to protect me!

The discomfort is the fun. The adventure is in not knowing what the hell is going on. And discovering that I can survive it (which is a given, if we really think about it).

So if you are the ‘regular guy or gal’, then own it. Be it. Enjoy fitting in, enjoy pleasing people, enjoy the feeling of security you get from being one of the crowd.

But if you’re not, please don’t waste your life (and your energy) pretending you are!