Time Travel

We often say we don’t have time to do things these days due to the busy-ness of life.

However, one of the great advantages of living in 2018 is that we can outsource so much stuff… whether to technology or people.

So let’s not use the ‘busy’ excuse. Let’s get organised…

Your Magic Powers

What do your peers do that annoys you?

When do they fail to show up in a smart, classy or responsible way?

You see, there are a bunch of things we do that we think are obvious. That we think everyone should do.

What we don’t realise is that most people just don’t do those things we find valuable.

And because we do make the effort, we actually have magic powers.

I spoke before about the magic power of ‘actually caring about helping people’.

Your magic power might be noticing things, caring about things, wanting to do a good job, being classy, being calm… who knows.

Have a delve and celebrate your magic powers!


Are we happy?

Whatever our life circumstances, it doesn’t make any sense to be anything but happy.

That’s not to say we don’t have challenges. We do.

But we can happily overcome the challenges, or we can suffer.

It’s our choice.


The world contains enough for all of us.

It’s when we think it doesn’t that we suffer.

We think we have to own things and grab things and store things.

We already have everything. Let’s recognise that, and be grateful for it!

Gender Politics

I really do try to keep gender politics off my radar.

You see, I believe that men and women are fundamentally different in many ways. But that doesn’t mean either is better or worse than the other. Or deserves more or fewer opportunities.

But something came to my attention this week (actually from just over a year ago) that is just hilarious.

Two boys who identify as girls entered the girls competitions in the Connecticut State Track and Field championships.

Naturally, they smashed the competition, finishing many strides ahead of the fastest girls.

But what’s the problem here? Allowing them to enter as girls? Identifying as girls when they’re boys? Or just the whole labelling thing.

You see, the moment we label anything we write a story for it and we apply expectations.

And when things don’t conform to our expectations we get frustrated.

I’m thinking of entering the next Olympics as someone who identifies as a ‘man with a motorbike’. Bet I’ll win!

The Power of Asking

We spend so much time guessing what people want, what their problems might be, what’s on their mind…

Do we ever ask?

It’s what I’ve started to do in my pricing strategy business, The Untapped Goldmine.

I developed a Quiz where my visitors can find out which pricing strategy is right for them.

You’d be amazed at the value they get from the answers… and what I, in turn, get to find out about the zeitgeist of the moment.

Let’s ask more.



Choosing Excellence

We have a choice. We can choose excellence or choose mediocrity.

Most of the world (95%+) chooses mediocrity.

And that’s fine.

They choose an easy life without ever being stretched beyond themselves.

But some of us choose excellence.

We choose to care. We choose to give a crap about helping people around us. We choose to excel in everything we do.

The downside is that it gets pretty lonely. We sometimes feel like we’re the ones going mad.

And that’s fine, too.

Let’s recognise and accept that to choose excellence is to set ourselves apart from the masses and choose the road less-travelled.

If it matters to us, we’ll handle the loneliness.

And we always have each other. There are plenty of us out there. Let’s find each other and care together.