Stuart is an award-winning business owner, 80/20 expert, business coach and speaker. He started his photography business in 2009, and during a conscious growth effort in 2013-14, doubled his revenue and halved his working hours, twice winning the Entrepreneur’s Circle “Entrepreneur of the Month” in Leicestershire.

He realised that he loved business itself more than photography and could share what he had learnt about business and productivity with other small businesses.

Contact speaking@stuartcarter.co.uk or leave a message on 01509 833 058

Current Talks

  • The Secret to Working Less and Earning More

    A practical exploration of the 80/20 “pareto” principle.

    Duration: 10-45 minutes
    Audience Size: Small groups up to 20 with interaction / Large groups as a presentation
    Audience Type: Owners or staff of small-medium businesses selling products or service

    Description: All effort is not created equal. Understanding where effort is being mis-placed on tricky customers or price-wars; and how to move ‘up the curve’ into the zone of niche and premium service and products.

    We also understand that there are people out there with the money to spend, through
    practical, real-world examples.

    Goals: Educating business owners and staff about the disconnect between effort and reward. Attendees go away with a firm action to buy more time back in their business/life.

  • Discover Your 80/20 Vision

    Learn to see better, and begin making fast, accurate decisions.

    Duration: 20-120 minutes
    Audience Size: 10-200 : Small group and pairs participation is encouraged
    Audience Type: Owners of mature/maturing small-medium businesses selling products or service

    Description: Success in business comes from making fast, accurate decisions. Even with 20/20 vision, you can’t always see where your decisions will lead. This presentation introduces “80/20 vision”… so you will begin to see more than the eye can see, focus on whatreally matters and make those all-important decisions with confidence.

    Goals: This presentation is more advanced than the above, and requires an amount of business acumen. It encourages participants to tap into their personal future vision to inform decision making.

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Stuart Carter

Business Coach • Speaker • Author
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